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Gone now

2009-05-31 19:05:51 by Ramber

Yes, the nervousness is gone... And for my first flash movies, it is encouraging!
Coming next, and this time i will work till the end...
With new jokes that no-one never did before in anything!
Like racist jokes! And people who gets really angry and yell at each other!
Big guns! And balls!

Gone now

First post

2009-05-29 03:53:08 by Ramber

Hiiiiiiiiii i'm all nervous...
But whatever people says, i have a few tricks left up my sleeve...hin hin.

THE project

2009-04-07 07:20:36 by Ramber

Well, i'm not that of a flash animator, and my drawings hould i say...preposterous?
But, i'm working on a little something, a piece of comedy, a trimbute to both JERRY JACKSON and DONNIE DARKO. I'm still trying to get the voices correctly (oh, i didn't mentionned? I'm not that of a voice actor either) and to really give my animation the "jerry jacskon" touch.
And, well, it's not that easy. But i will go on, for the sake of random humour.
So, anyone who reads this, stay focused, and, well...
It should be posted at the end of the month.